About Dixon Fisheries


John and Frank Dixon, who saw great potential in the fishing industry and the natural resources of the Illinois River, founded Dixon’s in 1896. By 1910 the Dixon Brothers had become one of the most important producers and wholesalers of fresh fish in the Midwest.

Over the years their reputation grew because of their quality product and honest business ethics. Ross Dixon, second generation, continued to foster the family business until 1950 when pollution and water transportation made commercial fishing unprofitable.

Many changes took place within the industry during the 1950’s thru 1960’s. Building on their past experiences, the third generation became “Seafood Specialists” serving restaurants, country clubs, and supermarkets throughout the Midwest.

Today the fourth generation combines solid business traditions and years of industry contacts with modern processing methods, aqua farming, and transportation systems to continue the commitment of excellence in supplying quality seafood products to businesses and individual customers.